Stop Pulling Your Hair Out!

At Last!  Here's A Guaranteed Way To Turn A Friend To Be YOUR Girlfriend Without  Rejection And Get Her To Instantly Develop Wild  Romantic, Sexual  Urges For YOU!"

...Even When She Has Placed You In The "Friend Zone"  And Your Situation Seems Next To Impossible Right Now…

Here's The Secret To Understanding Her -- And Using It To YOUR  Advantage

Dear Friend,


know how it feels. The both of you probably have something great going on; you absolutely love hanging out, being together with her, beyond a shadow of a doubt...

      She feels the same too... she likes you, but ONLY as a friend. You seemed cool about it, but beneath that external façade, deep-rooted within your inner gut, you know you want something ‘much more’ than that.

      Truth is, your heart longs to get past the “friends” stage and be that guy she “falls for” more than anything else... and you're probably shaking your head, confused as hell and feeling terribly unsure on what to do to progress to the ‘next level’ with her.

You Feel Like You're About To EXPLODE

      You're falling madly for her… you just know she's "the one"... the one who causes your palms to sweat, your heart to beat faster, and your stomach to flip whenever you hear her voice, smell her perfume, or even sense her being nearby.

      "The one".

      And as your affection for her grows stronger by the day, so does your feelings of insecurity … mainly because you couldn't tell whether or not she felt the same way.

      …Yet at the same time, like a jittery, scorching hot pressure cooker dying to blow its top, it's tearing you apart, more than you even care to admit… as you become more self-conscious and uneasy around her, fearing you might just “screw things up” if you confessed your true feelings for her.

It's Killing  You Inside...

      You're constantly guessing...

      What if you finally decide to 'bite the bullet' and pour it all out; revealing how you truly feel for her, and as you're asking her to be your girlfriend, the only words that could come out of her shaky voice was…

      "l... I... like you... but... can we just stay as... friends?"

      Imagine the embarrassment, the depression... the PAIN.

      ... And if that's not enough, imagine how AWKWARD it'll be for her then?

      You obviously DON'T want that to happen as

Your Friendship Will NEVER Be The Same Again...

      Turning a friend into a girlfriend is an extremely FRAGILE situation, one wrong move and you’re finished. She might feel weird, make excuses that she's "busy" and end up NEVER calling you again.

      On the flipside, it's not easy being friends with her either...

      How many times has she complained about how lonely she is... while you're sitting right there in front of her, wishing you could have her?

      It's no different from her stabbing a knife right into your heart every single time she does that, sure I know it hurts... like crazy. Been there before too!

      At the same time, have you ever wondered:

     Why is it that women liked hanging out with you, but none of them wanted to sleep with you?

      Why do the women you really liked always end up together with someone else EXCEPT you...

      Why do they have sex with jerks who didn't even care about them, when they could be with someone who loves her, understands her better than anyone else and would do just about ANYTHING for her, like you?


Has Any  Of These Happened To You Before...

You’ve recently met a girl you liked, but:

  • Your conversations were normally too bland and boring, and you wanted to change the vibe of the interaction and make her WANT you
  • You felt like throwing in the towel and giving up because it seems like NOTHING you do will work... and you should just accept it?
  • You became too self- conscious and “wooden” when you're with her... to the point where you can't communicate like you normally would?
  • You did everything in your power to make her happy and please her, yet she feels NOTHING and keeps talking about OTHER guys except you…

Now, if you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then...

I Implore You And I URGE  You NOT To Do Any Of These...

      Unfortunately, the things guys normally try to do to ‘convince’ a woman to like him back actually end up pushing her further away... even though it seems like the right thing to do at the time!

Be honest with me, have YOU tried any of the following to get your girl to like you back?:  

Confessing how madly you’re in love with her and how you’d do anything for her over and over again?

Convincing her that you're the ultimate “nice guy” by being the sweet, gentle, and caring man she ‘should’ love?
Persistently telling her, giving her the reassurance on how different you are from the other guys around, how you’ll sacrifice everything, be there for her and give her the world?
Buying her flowers, expensive gifts, writing romantic love letters and cards to show of your undying 'sincerity' for her?
Acting depressed so that she’ll feel bad for you and “give you a chance”?

Trying to reason and persuade why she should open up her heart and accept you?

      These are the BIGGEST mistakes guys do… because out in the REAL WORLD, not only are these actions COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE, but it'll flat out REPEL her further away making it less likely she’ll EVER feel the same way for you!

      In other words, these things that "should" work, DIDN'T work and will NEVER work!


… And Why Is This?

      Why is it that some men can just ‘get’ the women they want just like ‘that’… while most guys never seem to have any success with women... however hard they tried?

      And more importantly, what are the ‘secrets’ to triggering the inner “spark” in a woman so that she feels it for YOU?

      I’m glad you asked. It’s an unfair world out there, and due to the unforgiving, unsympathetic realities of the courting process, I want to make it perfectly clear that if a woman isn't ATTRACTED to you, all your feeble attempts to confess your love, convince her to like you, and court her will blow up in your face, regardless of whether she’s a long time friend or just someone you’ve recently met.

      Similarly, if you do something to let a ‘friend’ know how you feel... but she isn't ATTRACTED to you in the first place, she WILL run… and never turn back.

The Difference Between Guys Who Normally Gets The Girl… And Those That Gets Their Hearts Ripped Out Every Time They Tried…

      Why is it that some men just seem to be surrounded by women who want to be with them all the time… while most guys have NONE at all?

      I asked myself that very same question every single day back during "the days" when I was still learning to become better with women; of course, I was DYING to know what the “secret sauce”, that magical ‘ingredient’ was too!

     And that's exactly why for the past 7 years, I’ve practically been spending EVERY WAKING HOUR of my life hanging out, interviewing, studying and closely OBSERVING guys who are “naturally successful” with women.

      I was humbled, over-awed and AMAZED with what I saw, unlike anything I'd expected it to be!

      I mean, these guys were pretty much your average everyday Joes, like you and me, yet the one key element that differentiates them from the pack is their uncanny ability to understand “female language”; the mystical ‘code language’ that only women understands.

     And now they’ve used that very SAME knowledge in every situation they found themselves in with women they want. What’s most fascinating about it all is the fact that

These Are Things That Make NO SENSE AT ALL On The Surface…

      … but for some funny reason seem to work every single time with women!
In other words, it was more than just knowing what to do in each situation...

      It was also knowing how things worked which gave them a kind of POWER that just wasn’t available to guys who haven't taken the time to learn about it.

      Which is the more reason why you must...

Stop Banging Your Head On The Wall…

      You can't just "make” a woman “like you" or "change how she feels about you" by doing nice things, and trying to reason her into it…

      Buying her gifts, being extra “nice” and ‘being there for her’ ain’t gonna cut it either.
Women don't suddenly wake up one day, make a logical, conscious decision and say
"Hey, he seems like a caring, sweet, nice man, I think it's time I fall in love with him.”

       She won’t suddenly ‘decide’ she wants to be attracted to you. A woman is either attracted to you or she’s not... it just happens!

So How Do You “Make” A Woman To Feel Those  Feelings For You?

      You’ve seen it before, guys who barely have enough money to get by in life, looking no different than the average guy on the street… but for whatever reason, they just know exactly what to say and do to turn a woman on.

      You WANT to be that guy, and the first and most important step is for you to put everything you may “think” you know about women behind you, open up your mind and…

  • Think in a different way
  • Act in a different way
  • ... And start communicating in a different way.

      The missing link within any ‘fire-less’ male-female relationship lies in the absence of SEXUAL COMMUNICATION. The art of “sexy communication”, sexual flirting, and teasing by itself forms a MAJOR part within the secret language of ATTRACTION.

     Unfortunately men RARELY get it, and it’s no wonder why over 99.97% of the male population out there are practically

Screaming At A Woman To Reject Them  Before They Even Open Their Mouths!

      At the same time, it also requires a DEEP understanding of female psychology; how they think, behave, act the way they do and knowing what they’re essentially looking for but in many instances will never tell a man.

      It's a SKILL, and I honestly believe that ANY man can learn it if he wants to.

      ...And trust me, my bet is that you’re NEVER likely to be able to figure it out by "trial and error" since
most if not ALL the keys to making a woman feel ATTRACTION aren't "visible" at all!

The Truth Comes Out…

      Now, I’ve never publicly revealed any of this before, but about 2 years ago, I began inviting random clients of mine to participate in a secret test experiment...

      The program (called the Advanced F2G Program) was about giving them one-on-one support, consulting and a specific roadmap to turning their ‘friend’ into a ‘girlfriend’ with professionally supervised exercises, field work, and personal feedback.

      The results were staggering, back then, it was responsible for helping HUNDREDS of "regular Joes" to land the girl of their dreams, needless to say, it has worked splendidly for them…

And Now I Want To Show YOU  How To Do The Same…

      Mind you, this isn't a guess about what might work. This guideline has proven to be the steps that will be most effective in RADICALLY evoking powerful, logic defying emotions of ATTRACTION in a woman for you, and fully restoring any mistakes that you have done before this!

      It addresses a wide variety of REAL-LIFE situations and circumstances and it WILL remove all barriers to turning her to be your girlfriend.

Why You Are Unlikely To Get This Information Anywhere Else…

      As successful as the Program became, as word about its effectiveness began to spread, I found myself desperately gasping to cope with the frenzied demand to the point where I had to reject and turn clients away.

      Yet at the same time, it kills me to turn such well-meaning guys out the door each time and that’s when I finally decided to take that exact same information and created a full-blown MAMMOTH Video Program called...

"Friend To Girlfriend Secrets... Revealed!"

      That way, NOBODY will be left out... ever again!

      It outlines everything you need to know... in the same depth in which I run through with my premium clients… it's exactly what I would say to you if we were talking to each other face-to-face.

      It contains a clear, actionable, step-by-step plan to follow FROM START TO ‘FINISH’... and best of all, there’s absolutely NO guesswork on your part as you’ll be shown precisely what to say and do in order to encourage the change of heart that will bring the two of you together.

     It's based, not only on my experience, but also on the years of PROVEN scientific research of the nation’s top psychologists on relationships and female behavior. I’ve aggressively pursued & dedicated YEARS of my life studying just about everything available on the topic… and I’m pretty darn sure that what you’ll be learning isn't discussed ANYWHERE else.

You’ll Barely Believe Your Own Eyes...

     Here is a very small sample of the breakthrough techniques you'll learn in this program:

  • Where to start: The blueprint and step-by-step action plan for turning a friend into a girlfriend and her to choose YOU over any other guy that tries to compete for her attention.
  • The 7 proven ways you can "say it without saying it". If you're afraid that you might "screw it up", these steps will give her the message loud and clear, and you'll see how she'll melt when you have struck a chord right where it gets to her most... her heart.
  • A “never before revealed” 6-step surefire plan to secretly amplify and maximize the attraction that a woman feels for you... without her realizing what’s going on until it’s too late (this technique works so well, she’ll be the one losing sleep and wondering how she could fall for you in the first place!)
  • A stripped down explanation on the main reasons how and why women put men in the “Friend Zone”
  • An ingenious action plan to jump out of the “friend” category and smoothly transition into an irresistible, charming man she finds sexually attractive.
  • How to subconsciously shift a woman’s attraction to YOU and make her want YOU even if she’s ALREADY attracted or going “dreamy eyed” over another guy
  • A powerful 4-step simple technique on how to turn ANYONE to be your girlfriend (whether she’s a distant friend, your work colleague, your sister’s friend or your next-door neighbor… it does not matter!)
  • A proven methodology of the things you can do RIGHT NOW to GUARANTEE a woman will be attracted to you when you spend time with her... without going overboard or looking like you’re trying too hard!
  • 3 proven techniques on exactly when and how to go for that crucial first kiss with a woman... one that she will remember FOR LIFE.
  • How to use the little-known "POI" triangle technique to leverage on HER friends to "sell" YOURSELF to her with little or NO effort on your part  (this one trick alone is worth the price of the entire program!)
  • The 5 biggest mistake guys make to KILL their chances of being seen as “relationship material” with a woman at the VERY BEGINNING and end up helpless as her ‘friend’ (here you’ll learn exactly how to OVERCOME it and make her want YOU as her boyfriend).
  • An ingenious 5-step "date formula” that GUARANTEES a woman a sensual, "sexy" time with you (Most guys mess this up and never end up seeing the girl again…)
  • ... and that's just starters!

Unparalleled "Friend To Girlfriend"  Techniques That Are So Effective, They Should Be ILLEGAL.

      Lock your doors, password protect your PC and guard it with your life as you’ll uncover unusually "sneaky" rare golden nuggets that practically NO ONE talks about like:

  • Word-for-word scripts on exactly what to say when you're asking her to be your girlfriend that makes her feel so on "top-of-the-world", it virtually makes it impossible for her to say no!
  • The 6 "magic" words you MUST say if she says "no" that will shock her, get her to re-think, change her mind and start "feeling it" for you
  • How to keep more of your personal power... instead of giving it away to her (as most men do especially when their super "into" a woman)
  • How to make a woman suddenly want something so bad (you) when she never had the slightest inkling to do so in the past? (This is usually the determining factor in most successful friend-to-lover "turns")
  • How to NOT let a woman's "test" shake and control your actions so you can eliminate her influence and be a guy she respects and falls madly for!
  • How to get a woman to see you as a “sexual being” instead of “just a friend” the moment she first meets you. You’ll uncover a little known powerful technique to press her dormant “sexual triggers” and build up that sexual tension within minutes of meeting you.
  • Jealousy Amplifier Method: You’ll learn how to leverage on one of the most underutilized techniques to ethically ‘force’ a woman to “show her cards” and reveal her true inner feelings for you (Often times, women won’t even know it when they’re attracted to you. Here you’re capitalizing on reverse-psychology to jumpstart her feelings for you if she’s had any feelings for you at all!)
  • Social Proofing Accelerator: How to “turn the tables” and get HER to do ALL the work and chase you by leveraging on OTHER women.
  • The 4 proven fail-proof ways to effectively flirt and ‘tease’ women who are ALREADY your friends. (Everyone tells you that it’s next to impossible to spark feelings of ‘attraction’ with friends, but truth is, attraction can be sparked in ANY woman… whoever they might be. When you discover how to TEASE and FLIRT with women the RIGHT way, it can create such momentum, the rest of the process takes on a life of its own!)
  • The unconscious habit pattern women use to immediately categorize men (It has nothing to do with the size of your wallet, height or even good looks… and when you know how it works and how to ‘leverage’ on it, women will AUTOMATICALLY place you at the top of their “dating potentials” list everytime)
  • The 7 underlying “rules” of attraction and how to subtly use them to give a woman the “I’ve got to have him” feeling she only gets when she has finally met ‘the one’. (The amazing thing about this is how you’ll get to stir up those emotions without her REALIZING it before it’s too late!)
  • A smooth, crafty way to up a notch and go ‘all the way’ to get her to be your ‘girl’ WITHOUT ever having to risk the ‘friendship’ and lose her as a friend (not adhering to this principle is friendship suicide!).
  • … PLUS much more!

Most of my “dating guru” friends (made up of the world’s best) I showed it to agree that it's...

The Most Cutting Edge System They've  Ever Seen....

     Needless to say, we were BLOWN AWAY by their initial enthusiasm, so we tested it further on a handful of other "regular blokes" to make sure it was easy enough to implement.

 This Breakthrough Program Is Still New... Yet Look At The PROOF  And Inspiring "Success Stories"  It Has ALREADY Produced!

**(Customer Initials Used For Privacy Reasons)**

"Jenny (not her real name) who has been best friends with me for the past 2 and the half years is now OFFICIALLY my girlfriend!"


Turning a long time friend into a girlfriend? Come on… Like many others, I’ve accepted the fact that once a girl has placed me “the zone”, that’s it. I’ll stay there forever.

But I enrolled into your coaching program anyway taking you on on your money back guarantee if it's shit. I'm a skeptic, I admit.

But I'm the type who gives credit where it's due and the first 15 minutes listening to you, the stuff you said resonated with me, because I began to see the many things I did wrong that made her see me that way, as a friend and nothing more.

It was uncomfortable for me listening to it mainly because it struck a chord in me with the many observations you made. Hesitant still, I tried the first trick, it seemed to work. Then I tried the next, and she seemed to respond even further.

Well, as I’m sitting down writing this email, Jenny (not her real name) who has been best friends with me for the past 2 and the half years is now OFFICIALLY my girlfriend!

I take my words back. I couldn’t be any happier. Thanks so much! I'm now a BELIEVER!"

Christopher J
Connecticut, US

"I picked myself up and decided to give it a go one last time. We’re now officially an “ITEM”!!!

"Hey Simon,

Your personal coaching has provided me a ton of COOL tips and tricks. I have bought all your programs and it’s amazing how you came about figuring all these stuff out.

This friend to girlfriend program is by far one of your BEST. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a crush on my childhood sweetheart. We’ve known each other since we were kids. She has rejected me once when I confessed my feelings to her when I was 16 and dared not to go any further for the fear of losing the friendship we had.

I’m 21 this year, and after going through your stuff, I picked myself up and decided to give it a go one last time. We’re now officially an “ITEM”!!! Woooo babyyyyyy!!! And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you’ve done. She's MORE than anything I could ever dream and ask for!! Thanks sooooooooooooooooo much!"

Anthony A
Arizona, US

"This NEVER happened in the past it’s soo evil, it's not even funny anymore..."


Been a loyal follower of yours for the past 2 years, have all your programs but I’ve got to say this one’s the one I’ve been waiting for sooo long!! Dude you should’ve released this ages ago! I’m starting to doubt whether you’re actually a girl because all your teachings seem to be bloody spot on! lol. Seriously I’ve shown one your Approaching Course to my girl friends and they were like “Where’d you get this??”

Anyway I’m putting your materials into good use on a friend I have a crush on and it’s crazyyy… no she’s not my girlfriend yet but she IS starting to flirt with me BIG TIME! She’s constantly suggesting we hang out alone, she’s acting extra girly when I’m around. There was once we were ‘this’ close to kissing! But I followed your advice, teased her even further and quickly withdrawn myself. You should’ve seen her reaction!! She got pissed and stormed out of the room!

Bear in mind she’s pretty hot and have loads of guys after her, I thought I blew my chances then but amazingly, SHE called me to apologize for what she did and she’s been calling me ever since! This NEVER happened in the past it’s soo evil, it's not even funny anymore lol.. I’ll keep you updated on the progress ok? Thanks so much Simon. This program of yours is sooo cool!"

Zenaz P, Milwaukee

"I just kept testing the ideas in your program as I was going after her, and right now… she’s MY GIRL! AND THE SEX!!"...

"Hi Simon,

You know you’re good so I'll skip that. There’s a girl in my group I was introduced recently, I don’t really know her that well, but I do know most of the guys are gunning for her. I like her too maybe cos she’s HOT? Hehe..

Anyway, first time she talked to me, I just told her “You look weird with that make-up” (like u said), it was something I NEVER dared say to girl. I thought she’d get pissed, turns out she stayed longer, and kept interrogating and explaining herself to me.

I just stared at her, rolled my eyes, teased her with “Why are you sitting her, I only have space for one” You should’ve seen her reaction! She was really sucking in the tease!

We were messing around like we’ve known each other for years! That was how I got to know her, well, the details will probably be 9 pages long but basically I just kept testing the ideas in your program as I was going after her, and right now… she’s MY GIRL!

AND THE SEX!!! CRAZZZZZY DUDDDE!!! Thanks a bunch dude. Your program rocks!"

Mike V, Phuket, Thailand

"... The entire process of ‘getting’ attraction, ‘re-branding’ and coming back strong took a lot of practice, but ever since we’re together as a COUPLE now, it was soo worth the effort."

"Hi who would’ve thought it was even possible… I didn’t!! But you’ve proved me VERY wrong. This is the first time I’m buying your stuff and if it’s this good, I can’t wait to get my hands on your other stuff. Excellent content and I can’t recommend it any better to anyone who’s interested to getting it.

Your personal-rebranding technique, that’s the one that made ALL the difference, it was A HUGE risk for me to take, in fact, I was scared to use it, “What if she walked away and never come back?”

The moment she first saw me after I disappeared from her life, her first reaction was “what happened to you? Something's missing?” I could see that she was disappointed.

She didn’t really liked the new me, there was a lot of tension, I could sense. But I just kept at it. And then after 2 weeks, one night she just called me and asked whether she could come over. She did, it was awkward, she just stood there, without saying anything. That’s when I just grabbed her hand... “I WANT you NOW". I was scared shit but stayed cool. But then came her smile… it was the SWEETEST ever!”

Honestly, I’d have to say the entire process of ‘getting’ attraction, ‘re-branding’ and coming back strong took me almost 2 and the half months, it took a lot of practice, but ever since we’re together as a COUPLE now, it was soo worth the effort.

I could never have been happier, thanks to you, SIMON HEONG. Keep up the good work man!"

Warren Y, Perth, Australia

"Your girlfriend stealer book was crazy! It was exactly what I needed to get her to "feel" it for me... It was only after realizing WHY it was so that helped me to 'crack the code' and get her to turn over to MY side."


Your girlfriend stealer book was crazy! It was exactly what I needed to get her to "feel" it for me, before I tried practically every trick in the book to attract her over, yeah I do get the occasional sex from her, I wanted more, I wanted HER FOR MYSELF but somehow she always seems to run back to her boyfriend whenever he's back in town.

It was only after realizing WHY it was so that helped me to 'crack the code' and get her to turn over to MY side. Overall, excellent book!"

~~ Jamie D, Designer


Why Risk Losing Her On “Trial And Error”?

      I know that this sounds a little "hard to believe", but the undeniable “success stories” and results for those who have used it don’t lie. I admit, they are unusual and they are contrarian but they are also universally applicable to any “dead-duck” impossible situation you are in right now. Here are just a couple:

  • How to sneakily add in the 3 most powerful 'bad boy' elements into your personality - “unpredictability”, “excitement” and "charm" (Follow these simple steps and you’ll never have to worry about her losing interest in you… or losing her to another man)
  • How to turn any usual "everyday" friendly talk into a steamy erotic encounter that turns a woman on that makes you appear more desirable than any other man in she's ever been with! (This will help you advance things with a woman TWICE as fast)
  • How to find and identify your own limiting or inaccurate beliefs about yourself and women... and how to turn them into useful beliefs that will help you GET her
  • Every single thing you do or say can either increase or decrease attraction... learn how to turn this to your advantage and make the most out of every communication, action, gesture, and situation with her
  • How to completely ‘transform’ your entire image in her mind from being a ‘safe’, non-threatening, ‘friend’ into that of a ‘sexy’, ‘manly’ and ‘in-demand" MAN women can’t seem to get ‘enough’ of (They might have only treated you as ‘a friend’ for as long as they can remember – but when you use this on them, they’ll see you in a TOTALLY new light; someone who’s too irresistibly charming to just brush off and pass up)
  • How to be independent in a relationship in a way that makes a woman more attracted to you instead of scaring her off
  • A voodoo mind-trick technique to reprogram her mind to constantly picture romantic images of the both of you together as an intimate couple (Get ready to jot down notes as this technique is the ‘bridge’ that helps push you out from the friend right into the ‘lover’ zone)
  • The 5 things you must NEVER do in front of a woman you want to be ‘together’ with. These are the BIGGEST NO-NOs that puts women off and lets them know INSTANTLY that you’re not “lover/relationship material”
  • A new trick you can use when a woman is “closed off” that gets her to open up to you and makes her grateful for the opportunity to be with you
  • Do you know what’s the most important element in creating emotional connection with a woman? It's called compassion. You'll discover the rare and sought after formula to make her silently thanking her lucky stars and screaming "Oh my God! We’re connecting at so many levels… This guy knows exactly how I feel!"
  • Exactly what to do when she has ALREADY told you she ONLY wants to stay as friends. You’ll uncover a surefire action plan to completely “undo” and erase any mistakes you’ve made before and get back on the RIGHT-TRACK into turning her into a lover).
  • Over 9 LOUD AND CLEAR GREEN LIGHT Signals of Interest women send out that they want you more than just a friend and to make the first move more as a friend (Once you’re 90% sure she wants you more than just a friend, you can mess with her mind even further to the point SHE’LL be the one who’ll ask YOU to be her boyfriend)
  • ... and a whole lot more!

Obviously there's A LOT of information jam-packed into it, but it gets even better!

 FIVE Modules Worth $296.80 (Yours FREE No Matter What You Decide!)

      In order to BULLETPROOF your success in turning her over, I’ve prepared even more additional “complementary” materials to DIRECTLY assist you for the perfect ‘close’. Here’s the deal: When you invest in this Video Program by  , you'll also get FIVE companion Modules that includes:

Module #1:

"Transitioning: How To Turn A Woman On And Go From Just Friends To The Bedroom" -- (Value:$59.95)

This booklet will show you a step-by-step action plan on how to bring out the ‘animal’ within any woman however "closed off" or "reserved" she may seem to be... and it’s WAY easier that most guys think!

When you're "smooth", women will BRAG about how 'good' you are to their friends and they will LOVE you for it! You’ll learn:

  • A proven plan for EACH of the 4 crucial moments when a woman decides whether or not to reject a man’s advances
  • The 4 silent motivators that cause instant sexual arousal in a woman (and it does not include any form of hogwash-y NLP and sneaky mind-tricks to do it)
  • The fastest and most natural way to break the “touch” barrier and pave your way to getting physical with a woman (This trick is so ‘under the radar’, she won’t even know of your intentions until it’s too late!)
  • How to build anticipation so strong to the point where she’ll literally be DYING to tear your clothes off the moment you’re both alone together.
  • The 2 sentences you MUST SAY for her to respond with a resounding “YES!” and take off her clothes when you want to make out and move on to sex with her
  • How to ‘accidentally’ challenge a woman, “turn the tables” and get HER to initiate sex by saying this 5 magical words
  • ... and much more!

Module #2:

"How To Steal Anyone’s Girlfriend, Sneak Into Her Heart And Make Her Yours!" -- (Worth $49.95)

We’ve all been there before. Meeting and falling deeply in love with a woman… only to find out she has a boyfriend!

The tactics you’ll uncover here are LETHAL, but PLEASE promise me NOT to use it unless you have no other choice! I'll be frank... “What goes around, comes around,” that’s my principle, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

That being said, here you’ll learn:

  • How to sneakily go undercover, be there for her and powerfully bond with her like no other, whilst slowly drawing her into your realm, even when she’s someone else’s girl.
  • There are ONLY 2 decisive factors that will divert her attention away from her relationship and consider you as her “knight in shining armor” and fall for you (You’ll find out exactly what, why and how this works here)
  • The 6-step action plan to alienate, create doubt and mercilessly "destroy" her boyfriend/husband/fiancé (it works on all 3!) behind his back and win her over.
  • How to smoke her out and call on her bluff when a woman uses the "I'm taken" line to shoo guys their not interested in away.
  • ... and a bunch more!

Module #3:

"The Essence Of Cool-Ness: How To Behave Around Women & Send Magnetic Alpha Masculinity Signals That Oozes Sex Appeal” — (Worth $39.95)

The moment you know how to ‘brand’ your self-image to a point where EVERYTHING about you is deemed “cool”, women will naturally want to be around you because they enjoy your company, and nothing else.

When women think you’re “cool”, THEY’LL be the ones who will vainly show YOU off. And the best part about this is, you can say and do virtually ANYTHING you want and they will still look up to you as the MAN and treat you as ‘the prize’.

I'm talking about little-known nuggets on:

  • How to easily avoid letting the emotions you feel when you meet a special woman cause you to make stupid mistakes that ‘scares’ her away

  • Broken down and explained: The 5 essential traits of what ‘cool-ness’ is and how it naturally works to create an aura of trust, comfort, and humility in a man

  • Why women you are REALLY interested in seem to LOSE interest in you after a few dates

  • How to conquer your emotional energy and give yourself the ability to turn any uncomfortable feeling into positive energy that motivates you to succeed

  • How to behave around women and use ‘alpha’ body language to make up for a lack of “interesting things to talk about”… that makes a woman feel attraction for you without any form of conversation

  • ... and many more!

Module #4 (CD Audio Coaching):

"David Wygant: America's Most Quoted Dating Expert -- Reveals HIS Friend To Girlfriend Secrets" -- (Worth $49.95)

Over the course of his career, David has been featured as a dating expert on over 2000 radio shows.

On television, David has appeared on E, Dateline, ABC News, CBS Good Morning, Inside Edition, MTV, Fox News, The Learning Channel, BBC, Blind Date and  many others!

In print, he has been featured in over 200 national publications such as Maxim, Men's Health,

Cosmopolitan, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Daily Herald, The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Enquirer, New York Magazine and Marie Claire Magazine.


Obviously, he's the BEST there is, and it wasn't easy to get him to commit to this because of his heavy-duty celebrity schedule (BUT I DID... yeah babyyy!), and here in this CD recording, he reveals his own proven techniques to turning a long time friend into a girlfriend...



FREE LIFETIME Updates to the Friend To Girlfriend Program (Value: At LEAST $97.00)

When new editions of the program are released, you will receive all the updates absolutely free. That is one of the awesome benefits of digitally produced information. If a new edition of a hard copy book or CD is released, you have to go to the bookstore or and buy it all over again!

Not so with videos. I'll be continuously updating, refining this program as and when I uncover the latest discoveries on this topic and 


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      A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? More? For most men I know, it would be priceless. Just the POSSIBILITY of having this kind of success with her would be worth the investment.

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“No One’s Going To Help You Get Her...”

      That’s right.

      Not her friends, not your friends, and I believe you’re not so NAĎVE to think that if the two of you were “meant to be”, someday, everything will magically fall into place, the stars will align, and you’ll eventually end up together.

      Unfortunately, that only happens in fairy tales, romance books and prime time made-for-tv soap operas... In the REAL WORLD, if you want your girl, you’ve got to step forward and do WHATEVER IT TAKES to “win her heart” fast BEFORE anyone else comes along and “steals” her away from your fingertips.

      Simply put, it all boils down to YOU.

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Now who's taking all the risk?



Read What Others Have To Say:

**(Customer Initials Used For Privacy Reasons)**

"The surprising thing was her best friend just told me that she (the one I liked) confessed that she’s starting to develop “weird feelings” for me!"

"Enjoyed all your materials. I’m trying your techniques out and they seem to working! I’ve been friends (good friends) with this girl for close to 9 months now and we’re totally meant for each other, we have the same interest, dislikes, habits, quirky thinking and what not.

Everyone says we make the perfect couple. I secretly wished for it too, but it was clear from the onset that she only treats me as a “brother” and nothing more. Nothing could be more frustrating… every little trick I’ve tried, just doesn’t work!

I went through your program, I wasn't convinced it would work, but decided to try it anyway. As I went through each of the modules, one by one, followed precisely what you’ve asked me to, I didn't agree with some of them, but I went ahead anyway.

The first week or so, nothing really changed, but one day, as I tried using your JA method, things started to change! She got pissed, agitated, I was confused but soon realized that she was actually starting to act weird around me, she was jealous!

She didn’t admit it but her eyes gave it all away! The surprising thing was her best friend just told me that she (the one I liked) confessed that she’s starting to develop “weird feelings” for me! I couldn’t have played it so well without the stuff you shared on the 14 day action plan. You’ve really turned it around for me Simon, thanks!

~~ Ewen W, Canberra, Sydney

"She’s extra aware around me, getting all dressed up when she comes over, getting cuddly it’s like some witch cranked up a love potion on her..."

"Hey simon. Followed your advice, stood up to her and gave it right to her face when she kept calling me and telling me all the her love problems. Cut everything off and disappeared, everything you taught, I did.

You're right, I was more than ready to forgo the entire thing. It was something I was willing to risk, to bring our relationship to the ‘next level’. Your program has clearly pointed why she treated me only as a friend, where did'ya learnt this stuff??!!…

I’m starting to see a big change in her towards me, she’s xtra aware around me, getting all dressed up when she comes over, getting cuddly it’s like some witch cranked up a love potion on her or something lol, it’s now to a point where she gets freaky lol but in a good way of course! What a difference this past 3 weeks have been! Thank you so much! Couldn’t have done it without you."

~~ Kenji W, Engineer

"I sincerely recommend anyone who’s interested to get it and go through it several times. There’s always that ‘extra’ that I got out of it each time."

"Hey Simon,

I’ve been without a girlfriend for close to 3 years now. I tried everything, bought all the latest courses, DVDs, it was too stylish, self-indulgent for my taste and I just couldn’t grasp those concepts at all! Nothing worked, and I just wanted to give up. Hey, it was damn frustrating k!

Your attraction module was the one that gave me my first "light bulb" moment. It was in the unconscious that I wasn't playing it on enough. The signals whether she wants more than ‘just friends’ was exactly what I wanted. I was close to this girl I knew for some time now but I just wasn’t sure whether she felt the same.

Testing and throwing ideas out on bursts rather than throwing them out all at once, those were words of wisdom to me.

Using the stuff here, I’m now attached again and feeling on top of the world! Thinking about the 3 years I’ve wasted acting stupid/weird with girls trying out other PUA stuff was one of the stupidest things I’ve done but thinking back, those were the stuff that eventually led me to you! Hats off to you buddy!

Practical, usable and effective is what I’d say about this program. I sincerely recommend anyone who’s interested to get it and go through it several times. There’s always that ‘extra’ that I got out of it each time. Thanks soo much and love your newsletters, keep them coming!"

~~ Michael D, Connecticut

"My girl’s got so much ‘repression’ and anticipation, we’re practically making out at least 4 times each week!"


Add me on to your success stories too! I’ve done it too. Known her for close to 5 years now and nothing ‘extra’ seemed to happen between us then. Hey, we grew up together and she’s seen the worst in me, so what can I say? Lol… Your program pointed out exactly why she didn’t see us beyond being just friends.

I reworked my self image, my game and habitualized “female language” into my vocabulary so to speak. The transformation since then has been nothing short of AMAZING!

My girl’s got so much ‘repression’ and anticipation, we’re practically making out at least 4 times each week!!!! I love you man!!"

~~ Sonique, Vermont

"It cuts B.S and goes straight into what I wanted to know but my "success" is rather different."

"Dear Simon,

I would love to meet and thank you personally and commend you for all the information you’ve given out in your dating materials. My PC’s filled with it and this has got to be the cream in your line-up. It cuts B.S and goes straight into what I wanted to know but my "success" is rather different. This girl who’s now MY girl, she used to have the hots for some other guy. I tried everything but she resisted.

It tore me apart knowing clearly she was into some guy whom I know I was better.

I used to be such a wimp with her but thinking about it now, who cares, what’s more important is I’m a totally different man now and she is MINE now! Thanks man! I owe it to you and looking forward to ‘honing’ my skills further with your materials."

~~ Ryan B, Missouri

"I feel revitalized going through your entire program, it helped ‘gel’ everything together..."


This stuff is awesome! Your re-branding technique was AWESOME how could I not see it that way before! I own a couple of seduction program but your Friend To Girlfriend was the one I  needed all this while!

You highlighted A LOT of the mistakes I did when I tried to win her over. What gave me the most value was how you your day-to-day instructions on how to turn things around, I lost all hope the day she said she only want to be friends.

The inner game modules helped more than I could imagine, you’re right, it was had so much more do with myself as a person compared to the techniques I wanted to learn. Thanks again, I feel revitalized going through your entire program, it helped ‘gel’ everything together. And that’s why I’m writing you a glowing story. It really works!

From your jealousy amplifier, role reversals, physical conditioning to “pp” techniques, you WOMAN! Are you sure you're not a woman??!! lol."

~~ Tom S, Idaho

"...Just about an hour ago, she came over and asked ME to be her boyfriend...!"


Loved the videos, it gave me all the info needed to become the man I needed to be. I'm 26, fairly good looking, nicely sculpted body but somehow couldn't get my crush to see me as more than a friend.

Skipping all that, I gave her our first kiss 5 days ago, she was obviously ecstatic about it, the fire in her eyes whenever she sees me now, it's an AMAZING feeling! And guess what?? Just about an hour ago, she came over and asked ME to be her boyfriend!!! Can you believe that?? SHE ASKED ME!! Woooo!!!

I couldn't have done it without your help Simon and I owe what I'm having now, this amazingly beautiful girl with me, to you. That's why I'm writing this, feel free to use it anyway you want to, it's the LEAST I could do for all you've done for me.. Thanks again man you ROCK!"

~~ Peter C, Consultant, NY

"David Wygant's coaching was worth it's weight in gold! Would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who's stuck in the friend to girlfriend dynamic right now!"

David Wygant's coaching was worth it's weight in gold! And I loved the way you structured your techniques: POI, PR, SP, E2, etc... you know your stuff Simon, I'm wondering whether are you actually a WOMAN hiding behind a man's name lol. So are you? hehe

Anyway, it's fantastic stuff this. Would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who's stuck in the friend to girlfriend dynamic right now!

~~ Phizzy P, Realtor, Manhattan


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